General Dentist Full Course

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This is valid for 6 months in total. This study plan includes:

  • Concept clearing Lectures
  • Explanatory Pictures
  • 14000+ MCQs per subject
  • Detailed explanation of the correct answers
  • Explanation for other options too
  • References
  • Soft copy of  study textbooks
  • Whatsapp Study Group to post doubtful questions
  • 5 Mock Exams
  • Latest Question Papers with Answers

This is valid for 6 months in total. This study plan includes:

  • Concept clearing Lectures
  • Explanatory Pictures
  • 14000+ MCQs per subject
  • Detailed explanation of the correct answers
  • Explanation for other options too
  • References
  • Soft copy of  study textbooks
  • Whatsapp Study Group to post doubtful questions
  • 5 Mock Exams
  • Latest Question Papers with Answers

42 reviews for General Dentist Full Course

  1. malavika chandran (verified owner)

  2. ZAKI Dentello (verified owner)

  3. Asra Multani (verified owner)

    Great help

  4. Shamsina Kp (verified owner)

  5. Aswathy

    I cleared my Qatar prometric exam on March 12.
    I was searching how to prepare for it. Then I found Gulfie Dentist is best. I took five months to prepare for my exam. Best part of this course is Dr.Mayakha’s lectures which is very easy to understand and dentello subject-wise and topic-wise MCQ. And also Revision batch is very helpful for our last-minute preparation and clear our doubts and lot of mock exams is there.And I highly recommend Gulfie Dentist to new aspirant. My sincere thanks to Dr.Mayakha mam for her support.

  6. Saba

    I have written my DHA exam on 6th March 2023. From one of my batchmates, I came to know about this Gulfie Dentist. I had done a five months of preparation. Simplified lectures were good. As for the newcomers, I would like to tell them that try to solve as much as MCQs you can. First of all, keep your theory strong. Then try to solve as much as MCQs you can. Because even after keeping your theory strong you can still not be able to identify the proper answer. So for everyone, I would like to tell that please try to solve as much as MCQ as you can and be thorough with your basics.

  7. Sruthi

    I cleared my Oman Prometric exam which is held on February 23, 2023. Came to know about Gulfie Dentist through my Instagram. And I took nearly six to seven months for exam preparation. The best part of this is Dr. Mayakha’s lecture notes and MCQs under each topic.
    And also their revision groups where our doubts were cleared immediately. And I am so grateful to Dr.Mayakha and her entire team. For new aspirants, my advice is to do lots of Q and A’s and revision as much as possible.

  8. Sadia

    I took my MOH exam on January 17th, 2023. The best aspect of the Gulfie Dentist is that it’s a study material with good reasoning and explanations. And no matter how many doubts we have, there are revision groups in which most of them are cleared. The personal touch from the Gulfie Dentist team is well appreciated.

  9. Shahana

    I have taken my MOH exam on last 13th January. The best things in the course is that the exam oriented lectures and MCQs and the instant clearance of doubts through revision group.

  10. Jyothi

    I took DHA general dentist exam on 30th March. I came to know about Gulfie dentists from social media and I prepared for about two months for my exam. The best thing about the course was the mock exams and the organized subjectwise lectures. And my advice for newcomers would be to believe in yourself and work hard. For me, this wouldn’t have been possible without Gulfie dentist.

  11. Nisha

    I had taken my QCHP exam on 25 March 2023 and I clear it in its first attempt itself. Being a mother, I did not have much of a time to prepare for the exam. And I must say only because of the organized study materials and the question papers provided by the Gulfie dentist, I could clear the exam. So I definitely recommend Gulfie dentist to anyone who is going to take the exams.

  12. Sameen

    I took MOH exam on 6 April 2023. I did a rigorous preparation for around three months with Gulfie dentist. The best thing about the course is not just about the course, about the entire Gulfie Dentist group is that they are very prompt in answering and they’ve got a very good collection of MCQs in their dentello website which helps you a lot in the preparation for the Gulf exams. And I would like to give special shout out to Dr. Safna who clears the doubts whenever you ask her.

  13. Krishnendu

    I cleared my DHA exam on 20th April, 2023 in the first attempt. The best part about Gulfie Dentist is their concept clearing lectures and subject wise dentello questions. For tackling any prometric exam, it is enough to study their lectures properly, go through the dentello questions and practice their mocks as much as you can. Another appreciable expert of Gulfie Dentist is their revision group which was so helpful. Thank you, Dr.Mayakha and her team for making my journey more easeful.

  14. Beegam

    I gave my Saudi Dental Prometric exam on 29th December 2022 and cleared it in the first attempt itself. Thank you so much the Gulfie Dentist for helping me throughout this journey. I am so happy and grateful. The best part about this course is Dr.Mayakha’s lecture notes which is very concise and easily understandable.Also their revision batch where our doubts are cleared very immediately.

  15. Anusha

    I cleared my DHA exam which was held on 4th of January 2023. I joined Gulfie Dentist few months back. Dr.Mayakha’s recorded audio lectures and MCQs in Dentello really helped me to crack my exam. And I have done my preparation along with my job and also the WhatsApp group was really helpful to clear all our doubts. If you prepare along with Gulfie Dentist, it is more than enough to achieve our goal and I am really grateful to Dr.Mayakha ma’am and her team to achieve my goal easily.

  16. Iram (verified owner)

    I took my OMSB exam on 2 March 2023 and I joined Gulfie Dentist four months back for this exam. Earlier also I joined Gulfie Dentist and after four to five months of preparation, I cleared my DHA also.Dr.Mayakha and Dr.Safna are very supportive.They’ll support you in each and every step.And the best thing in this is that they have the Mcqs for every topic. And I cleared my Viva exam also recently two three days back for Oman.And I’m really really thankful to these people.They are really the best ones for me now.And my advice for newcomers is just go and grab this opportunity so that you can do it in very less span of time and you can just go and get your seat in Gulf.You can just crack all the exams of any Gulf country.Thank you so much.

  17. Binsy

    I had given my MOH exam on 11 May 2023. I came to know about Gulfie Dentist from one of my friend and I had joined in February.I prepared almost for two months.And the best thing about this course is it is self preparatory course.So we can find our own time for preparing it.Then they are providing us with lectures.They are very simple to understand.And we’ll have a base by listening to all the lecture notes and after that we can solve MCQs.And there are a lot of MCQ questions in general they are providing and also additionally they are providing mock papers and also recent papers. And recently they started with an evergreen test also.It’s very helpful.

  18. Zainab j

    I took my DHA exam on 20th February and I cleared my exam. And I got to know about the Gulfie Dentist through online surfing. And it took me around 3-4 months to complete my preparation. And the best thing about the course, which I found was Dr.Mayakha’s lectures, they were really helpful for me in my exams. Thank you so much for Dr.Mayakha and the team of Gulfie Dentist who supported me a lot.

  19. Sushmi

    I cleared my HAAD dental exam recently. When I started to prepare for exam, Dr. Mayakha’s notes and her lectures were very useful. Dentello explanations, their questions, their picture questions, everything were very useful in solving case-based questions especially. I am really satisfied with Gulfie Dentist.

  20. Karishmamishra

    I took my DHA exam on 1st June 2023. I did preparation for about four months.The best thing about Gulfie Dentist is Dr. Mayaka Mam’s lecture which are very simple and easy. And the best thing about Dentello site is they have very good collection of MCQ’s which help me a lot in preparing for DHA exam. Even the mock test and the revision batches were very helpful to me.

  21. Paridhi

    I cleared my DHA examination on 26 June 2023. I have prepared for my exam within ten days with 17 to 18 hours of sensitive dedication every day. The best thing about Gulfie Dentist is Dr.Mayakha’s lecture, which are very precise, covering entire dentistry as per Gulf examination criteria. And second is the Dentello questions covering all the subject, mock test and Evergreen test as well. So everything contributed to the success. And I have not referred any other thing other than Gulfie dentist syllabus.

  22. Jasmin

    I passed my DOH exam in June 21 in Abu Dhabi. I have been preparing for the exam from the last three months. The resources provided by the Gulfie dentist are very helpful for my successful journey, out of which the voice clips and lecture notes by Dr.Mayaka and the mock exams and Evergreen tests are also provided there

  23. Abseera

    I took my DHA exam on 17 July 2023. I prepare for almost one and a half months. And the best thing about the Gulfie Dentist course is their lectures, which was very precise and up to the point, which helped me a lot.

  24. Praseeja

    I have cleared my HAAD exam on 20th July 2023. I have joined Gulfie Dentist batch in November. The best thing is the Dentello MCQs and the most recent papers and the mock tests and even the groups are really helpful and really a great thanks to Dr. Mayakha for responding to my queries.

  25. Erfana

    I have cleared my DHA exam on 18 July. I’m sincerely thanking the Gulfie Dentist and team. I came to know about Gulfie Dentist through Instagram. Most of the exam questions were from the Dentello website.

  26. Derin

    I’ve been preparing for QCHP for last two months.And I’m so thankful to Dr.Mayaka and the Gulfie dentist team for helping me in cracking this exam.Really, from the bottom of my heart, I’m saying dr.Mayaka and team, you guys are doing a wonderful job.The theory sessions, the Dentello questions,everything helped me a lot.Thank you so much.

  27. Rohini

    I took the DHA exam on 26 of July.I joined the course on March, and I had done four months of preparation, but the last two months was hard core preparation. So the best thing about them is the audio lectures, no doubt in that they have given each and everything point wise,which is very helpful for you, even for your exam, if you have a few days before your exams also you can go to them and make notes, and it would be really helpful and their mocks, their MCQs, everything is helpful.And you can expect a lot of questions which you have practiced in Gulfie Dentist for the exam, for the DHA exam.

  28. Ajinu

    I took my OMSB exam on 26 July 2023. The best thing is about in this course is practicing MCQs in Dentello. It’s really helpful for me. Thank you Gulfie Dentist.

  29. Manasa

    I have joined the course in the month of January. But my actual preparation started from the month of May. I gave my DOH exam on the 1st August. And what all I had gone through is I did every all the lecture notes thoroughly, I read all the MCQ questions from Dentello, I did all the mock exams available,I did the previous papers. So my advice to any newcomer would be to just finish whatever material is given from the Gulfie Dentist and please make use of the revision batch because you can clarify all your doubts and it really helps during your exam. So all the best to all the newcomers. This is the best decision that you have made to join Gulfie.

  30. Noora

    I passed my DOH GP dentist exam on 14 August, 2023.In the first attempt itself, my preparations were through Gulfie dentist for the last four months. Dr.Mayakha and team were really helpfulthrough each steps of my preparations.Being a mother, I had a very less time for the studies.But through the concise voice notes and very well structuredquestions on Dentello helped me to crack the exam.And a small advice for the newcomers do as much as questions from Dentello and don’t miss their evergreen test, recent papers, mock exams, etc.That will definitely aid you to pass the exam easily and all the very best.

  31. Athira94

    I took DHA exam on 7 August 2023 and almost one and half months I took for the preparation.And the best thing about the courses are definitely the MCQs and the lecture part.And I advise all the newcomers to go for this course because it’s really helpful and you will get an idea about the exam. Thank you.

  32. Rubeena

    I have given my DHA exam on 30th August 2023.It takes two to three months hardly for preparing my exam.And the best thing about The Gulfie dentist is we are exposing to numerous amount of questions.What I would like to tell you is go through every questions and their reasonings especially the recent papers, please don’t stick to the exam you are giving go through every questions and it will help you to crack your exam very easily.

  33. Safna

    I took my exam on July 10. Actually, I have joined in last September.But I couldn’t prepare for my exam for a few months.So I started preparing before two months.The best thing about the Gulfie Dentist is that their topic wise lectures and Dentello is very, very useful.So my suggestion to upcoming candidates is that two months preparation is more than sufficient to clear the Gulf exam if you do a smart work.And all the very best to the upcoming candidates.Thank you.

  34. Shilpa

    I took my Oman Prometric on 10 September 2023 and I came to know about Gulfie dentist through social media.And I have joined Gulfie Dentist on April 2023.And I have been preparing for the exam for the last four months.Being a mother, it’s a difficult task to cover all theory part for the exam. And Dr.Mayakha’s voice notes helped me a lot to cover all the theory part.And it’s very simple and up to the point.The best thing about GulfieDentist is MCQs ,recent papers ,mock test and the WhatsApp group revision batch.And it’s all helped me a lot.My advice to newcomers is that do as much as MCQs as you can and practice the test, mock test and recent papers, and it will help definitely to crack the exam.Thank you.

  35. Linuja

    I had my DHA exam on 8 September 2023 and I cleared the exam in my first attempt itself.I joined Gulfie Dentist on March and it took almost six months for my preparation.The best thing in the course is Dentello MCQs and Dr.Mayakha’s lectures.The lectures are very precise and simple and it’s very easy to understand.I am very thankful to Dr.Mayakha and her entire team.And my small advice to the newcomers is come and join the Gulfie Dentist course.Listen to the lectures, make notes and be through with the basics.Do as much as MCQs from the Dentello website.And yes, I’m sure it will help you to crack the exam.All the best.

  36. Abzara

    I’ve taken my DHA exam on August21 and cleared it in first attempt.All thanks to Gulfie Dentist.Your materials and lectures are the best. I have done around one or two months of prep for my exam.My advice for the newcomers is solve the MCQs as much as you can and concentrate more on the clinical aspects and treatment plans.And one last revision on the lecture by Dr Mayakha Mariam would help.Hope you all find this helpful. Thank you Gulfie dentist.

  37. Sherin

    I took my DHA exam on 6 September 2023 and I cleared it on my first attempt itself.I joined Gulfie Dentist on April 2023 and I prepared for about four to five months.The best part about the Gulfie Dentist is definitely the mock test.It has so many questions subject wise,topic wise as well as license wise exams.There is also a revision WhatsApp group where you can clear all your doubts.My advice for the newcomers is that don’t take the exam lightly.Practice as much mock test as possible.Go through the recent papers, make use of the revision WhatsApp groups and yeah, do well for your exam.All the very best. Thank you.

  38. Asmi

    I cleared my MOH exam recently on the month of October. It is not how much you study, but the way you study that matters. With Gulfie Dentist, starting from the lecture notes and then proceeding with the MCQs and Mock test, you’ll be able to clear the exam within three to four months. I came to know about Gulfie Dentist through one of my friends and joining Gulfie Dentist was the best decision I made. I wish all of you the very best and encourage you to make the most of this wonderful platform. Thank you.

  39. AparnaS

    I have given my MOH examination on November 7, 2023.The best thing in Dentello is that they have provided the theory.And the theory is like just crystal clear towards the, you know, like the.Towards the exam and they have given like brief, brief notes regarding each topics.So if you are hearing the lecture like ours, definitely we’ll get.It’s like a tedious one.But this is just two minute, three minute.It’s really helpful.So we can memorize everything.I mean I joined in Dentello in
    August batch and August, September, October.Nearly three months I have taken for this preparation.So that really helped a lot basically the theory and my advice is like you have to listen the lectures very carefully and try to do all the questions.It’s actually 15,000 or 16,000 questions are there.I’m not sure whether everybody can count everything but at least we are thorough with the lectures.We can definitely answer like around100 questions above with the examination.So I wish all the best for all. Thank you, ma’am.Thank you. Dentello.

  40. Jeena

    I had my DHA exam on 15 November 2023 and I cleared it on my first attempt itself. For me, it was really challenging because I joined July batch of Gulfie dentist when I am nine months pregnant and my preparation was during postpartum time. It was really difficult for me to manage all. My special thanks to Dr. Mayakha for her audio lectures, which helped me a lot. An advice to newcomers is just go through the audio lectures, make notes, practice as much questions, never skip recent questions and mock exams because they definitely boost your confidence. Yeah, that’s all. Stay focused. All the very best.

  41. Samrin

    I had taken my DHA licensing exam on the 20 September. I had joined the August batch of the Gulfie Dentist starting from 4 August. And with just 1 to 1.5 months of preparation I was able to clear my exam in the first attempt itself. The best thing about the course were the pre recorded lectures and MCQs. The lectures really helped me revise my BDS syllabus and the MCQs were helpful in assessing my performance throughout the course of my preparation. They also guided me as to what would be the important topics and questions that could come up in the exam. And another amazing thing about the Gulfie Dentists was that they had these WhatsApp groups for clearing our doubts which was again very crucial during the preparation. So my only suggestion to anyone who’s planning to give any of the Gulf exams is to seek help from the Gulfie Dentist. And in just one to two months of wholehearted preparation I’m sure you will be able to clear your exams as well. Thank you and all the best.

  42. Yogaprasenyaa

    I took my exams on December 17, I joined the Gulfie Dentist on November 4. Actually it took me one and a half months to prepare through Gulfie Dentist. Initially I was preparing for almost a month and after that only I came to know about Gulfie Dentist and joined. Once I started preparing in this website, I went for my exams within a month because it really boosted me confidence, I went through various question papers, I was able to work out various MCQs, numerous MCQs were there, numerous study materials was inside it, audio classes are very very precise and right on point, so it all helped me a lot. So I took my exams early and I cracked my exams in the first attempt with 70%, so I was really happy and I didn’t expect this also. If any one of you are trying to or thinking about joining Gulfie Dentist means, you don’t have to think, just go for it because you have a very good set of MCQ questions, many Gulf exam papers, you don’t have only access for what exams you are preparing, you will have access for all the Gulf exams, so you can go through all the question papers, you can take all the mock tests, it will really boost your confidence and will help you to go and attend your exams, so if you are a newcomer, don’t just think about it, you can go for this Gulfie Dentist. Make sure that you are doing all the MCQs and you are taking various tests. And mock tests are very important, so try to do each and every mock test, not only the exams you are preparing for but also other Gulf exams also, you can work that question papers also. Thank you so much Gulfie Dentist for helping me to crack my exams and All the best to all the newcomers out there.

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