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Frequently Asked Questions

Are study materials available for specialist dentists?

Yes we have curated materials for all dental speciality, which is infact unique to each specialisation, curated by the best of professionals.

Can I work as dental assistant and later upgrade to general dentist license later after gaining experience?

No you cannot. The answer is quite simple and logical. You require to have General Dentist experience in order to apply for the general Dentist license. Your Dental Assistant experience in the gulf country is noy relavant here.

How is Dentello credible?

We collect, curate and present you with the recent questions that one can avail. This is run by a Dentist and holds a panel of highly qualified specialists for the curation of the materials.

How many months is the access available for?

Six months. It is best if you can finish the prep in one stretch and give the exam without any delay. You can finish the prep in 1 month’s time as well.

Can I share Dentello materials in groups?

Absolutely not. These are copyright materials and are tracked to ensure that the materials are not shared around for free. Once caught, you will have to go through the court of which penlties may include  Dhs.50,000 – 2,00,000 fine and / or 6 months of imprisonment for copyright infringement.