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Answers to Your Questions

How do I join the Course?

Once the payment has been completed, you register with the membership level to access the course.

How is the study plan?

You can access the material at your own convenience and mode. The website is compatible with any device.

What if I want to extend my plan?

Four months is ample time to finish and revise twice. Yet if you still feel the need to extend your access you can extend your plan under the membership level.

Is there a guided course?

The full course includes lectures in which basic concepts are beautifully explained even a 1st year BDS can comprehend. You do not have to worry that its been ages since you left academics. We got you covered!

My exam is booked & I have only 1 month time, can I still choose the “Full Course” plan?

Definitely! The “Full Course” can be finished in one month if you can study 4-6 hours per day! Focus on finishing the lectures, followed by practicing your exam MCQs only and finally the Mock exams.

What’s included in the Dentello StudyPlan?

+ 1000+ recent MCQs
+ Correct answers explanation
+ Study Materials soft copy

+Explanatory Pictures
+2 Mock Exams

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