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10 KDLE Mcq for General Dentists | Study Material for KDLE General Dentist

30 December 2021
KDLE Mcq for General Dentists Dentello

You can work anywhere in Kuwait with the KDLE License. The only hurdle and yet the good thing is you need a job offer before applying for Kuwait processing. Study materials for General Dentists

  1. For lower premolars, the purpose of inclining the handpiece lingually is to?
  1. Avoid buccal pulp horn
  2. Avoid lingual pulp horn
  3. Remove unsupported enamel
  4. Conserve lingual dentine

2. For an amalgam Restoration of weakened cusp you should?

  1. Reduce cusp by 2mm on a flat base for more resistance
  2. Reduce cusp by 2mm following the outline of the cusp
  3. Reduce 2mm for retention form
  4. Reduce 0.2mm for retention form

3. Before filling a class 5 abrasion cavity with GIC you should?

  1. Clean with pumice, rubber cup, water and weak acid
  2. Dry the cavity thoroughly before doing anything
  3. Acid etch cavity then dry thoroughly
  4. None of the above

4. Which of the following statement about the defective margins of amalgam restoration is true?

  1. The larger the breakdown, the greater the chance of decay
  2. The smaller the breakdown, the greater the chance of decay
  3. The larger the breakdown, the greater the chance of remineralization
  4. None of the above

5. The retention Pin in an amalgam restoration should be placed?

  1. Parallel to the outer wall
  2. Parallel to the long axis of tooth
  3. Perpendicular to the long axis of tooth
  4. None of the above

6. The most common cause of failure of the IDN “Inferior Dental Nerve” block is?

  1. Injecting too low
  2. Injecting too high
  3. A + B
  4. None of the above

7. Which one of the following is not used in water fluoridation?

  1. SnF2
  2. 1.23% APF
  3. H2SiF2
  4. CaSiF2
  5. 8% Stannous fluoride

8. The best way to clean cavity before the placement of GIC is?

  1. H2O2 Phosphoric Acid
  2. Polyacrylic acid
  3. None of the above

9. The most mineralised part of dentine is?

  1. Peritubular dentine
  2. Tertiary dentin Secondaru dentin
  3. None of the above

10. A 45-year-old patient awake with swollen face, puffiness around the eyes, and oedema of the upper lip with redness and dryness. When he went to bed he had the swelling, pain or dental complaints. Examination shows several deep silicate restorations in the anterior teeth but examination is negative for caries, thermal tests, percussion, palpation, pain, and periapical area of rarefaction. The patient’s temperature is normal. The day before he had a series of gastrointestinal Xrays at the local hospital and was given a clean bill of health. The condition is?

  1. Acute periapical abscess
  2. Angioneurotic oedema
  3. Infectious mononucleosis
  4. Acute maxillary sinusitis
  5. Acute apical periodontitis


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