Please Check

This is a re-direct page. Check out the following symptoms to diagnose the problem if any.

coupon ACCESS

If you have purchased the plan via a coupon code, the admin will have to grant access for your account.

Inform the Admin

Logged in

Please check if you are logged in. Your name will appear after Hello _____ in the menu.

Go To Login

Plan purchsed

Make sure your account holds a study plan. Go to My accounts to check the study plan you have, also whether it is active, paused or on hold.

Go To My Account

Website memory

If changes were made recently, your browser may still remember the old function and load those only. Close all the tabs and open dentello freshly.

I’ll try that!

Nothing Worked?

Let us fix it for you. Simply whatsapp the screenshot and the also mention the page you are trying to open.